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All e-mails to Division LPOs will go to the squadron LPO for forwarding to correct LPO. Please ensure that your email is clearly addressed for whom you are trying to contact.

To submit a request for use of the building, please contact the Regional Director, LCDR Gallagher, at



LT Rullo

  LT Alexander S Rullo

Lieutenant Rullo has a great deal of experience to offer the Cadet Corps. He started as a Cadet in high school completing a few short years before leaving for Navy boot camp. After boot camp, he was transferred to Aviation Electricians Mate "A" School in Norfolk, VA at which time he enrolled as a Midshipman with Top Hatters Squadron. Now an active duty Chief Petty Officer, and a Sea Cadet Lieutenant, he has 11 years in the Navy and 10 years with Top Hatters Squadron. LT Rullo now serves Top Hatters Squadron as the Commanding Officer, making him the absolute authority in the Squadron.


LTJG Glomb

LTJG Ed Glomb 

LTJG Glomb has been affiliated with the Sea Cadet Corps since 2012. He previously served with Top Hatters as supply and admin officer before relocating to Ft. Meade, Maryland. While at Meade, he served as Training Ship Constellation’s Executive and later, Commanding Officer. LTJG Glomb returned to Hampton Road in 2017 and reaffiliated with Top Hatters and has been appointed as Executive Officer. His active duty navy experience spanned 6 years, in the 1990’s, and was primarily assigned to the fleet in support of counter narcotic operation and later physical security/brig duty. He is employed in the Virginia Beach area as a facilities management specialist.