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Advanced Trainings (AT) are not only some of the most valuable experiences in a Cadet’s development, they are also some of the most fun. However, while the process of getting a Cadet off to training is fairly straightforward, having some guidance, and both parents and staff on the same page can be immensely helpful and avoid any last minute frustrations.

Understand what training your Cadet needs. All first year Sea Cadets or League Cadets must attend either NLCC Orientation or Recruit Training respectively. These trainings serve as an essential foundation for all future trainings. All Sea Cadet PO3s must attend Petty Officer Leadership Academy (POLA) prior to being promoted to PO2. All other NLCC or NSCC cadets may attend any AT within their program (either from the NLCC schedule or NSCC schedule as applicable). In many cases, Cadet’s may be able to attend multiple trainings in one year. Bear in mind, some ATs have age, rank, or other pre-requisite restrictions.

Understand the costs. The principal, direct cost to the Cadet is for the deposit. Deposit costs are as follows; 2 weeks- $240, 1 week- $120, and 9 or 10 day Recruit Training- $170. The deposit covers lodging, meals, and training for the duration of the AT. Transportation to the AT is the Cadet’s responsibility. Additional costs may include items needed for the training, such as special uniforms or special equipment, that are not stocked or available from Top Hatters supply.

Understand the registration process. Registration starts by the Cadet and parent selecting an AT for the Cadet to attend from the online schedule. Once the unit is informed, an electronic registration is sent by the chain of command. The Cadet/parent then completes a paper application, an updated medical history, obtains a cashier’s check or money order for the deposit, and any other paperwork as specifically required by the AT. This is expeditiously routed to the chain of command. Please note, the Cadet’s registration will not be official and orders will not be cut until all paperwork and money is received by the CO of the AT. Orders are issued on a first come, first served basis and some trainings fill up fast!

The Process, Step-By-Step

Step 1- Pick a training. Utilize the schedule at Magellan Training Page to find a training. Once you’ve chosen one, email your request to and CC

Step 2- Complete the paperwork and obtain the deposit. All trainings will require a Training Authority (Request) - Cadet (NSCTNG 001), an updated Report of Medical History (NSCADM001 Page 3/4), and a cashier’s check or money order (payable to blank) for the cost of the deposit. Additional paperwork may include a Medical History Supplemental (NSCADM01 Page 7/8) if medications are to be required, a Request for Accommodation (NSCADM001 Page 9/10) for those with disabilities, or other paperwork as specifically required by the AT. Some ATs that typically require additional paperwork are SEAL, EOD, SWCC, Diving, Coast Guard, FAA, and Music School. Get this to the unit as soon as possible. Most forms can be found at:
Homeport Administrative Forms
Homeport Training Forms
Homeport Summer Training Page

Step 3- Visit the ATs web site, or contact the CO of the AT to request a sea bag list. If you believe your Cadet needs items that are on the trainings sea bag list, contact We will do the best we can to provide needed items, but please understand we will not always be able to provide everything every Cadet needs.

Step 4- Arrange transportation to the training site. We will do the best we can to inform you when your Cadet’s orders have been approved. The new automated system is supposed to send an email also. Bearing in mind that some ATs do get cancelled, it is strongly encouraged to use refundable travel arrangements.

Step 5- Pick up your Cadet’s record. Typically for larger training events, such as the local Recruit Training, or for ATs taking place at Naval Station Norfolk, a Top Hatters staff member will deliver all Cadet records. In all other cases, each Cadet must bring their own record. We will make every effort to have records ready for pick up at the June drill, but in all other cases contact to make arrangements.

Step 6- Go to training and have fun!

Please note, every CO of every training runs things a little different. Your source of information on specific AT requirements is the CO of that training. The home unit is only responsible for registering the cadet and assisting with uniform needs.

I hope this helps everyone understand the process. If there are any further questions, please contact a staff member. Enjoy the summer training cycle!